Wednesday, March 7, 2012

   If you haven't heard about Kony 2012 yet, you should definitely read this. Joseph Kony is a horrible man in Central Africa who must be stopped. Joseph Kony has kidnapped over 20,000 children. Using these children, he has formed an army. The children have no choice but to join this army or else they will be killed. The children are even forced to kill their very own parents, along with other people. The Ugandan army has been unsuccessful in capturing Kony and that is why they need our help. Our government has been notified on many occasions of Kony's actions and feels that we should not help because it is of no threat to our country. The government has agreed to send a very small group of soldiers to Africa, but Kony knows of them and has changed his plans so he does not get captured. If the world doesn't show our government that we all care, they will bring the soldiers back. Kony 2012 is the campaign that will stop Kony and show our government that even though America is not in danger, we care. On April 20th, 2012, people around the world will "paint the town" in posters. These posters will say things like, "Kony 2012," or "Stop Kony."By putting up these posters, we will show the government that millions of people want Kony stopped. It only takes one act of courage to change the world and with that one act, millions are inspired. We have to change this now, because if we change the world now, we can change it forever. To find out more ways to help, go to

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